Course Information

Title: Payroll Management and Staff C&B Management (Online)
Trainer: Yim Meng Chhorn
Fee: $ 120
Venue: The CENTER

Course Description

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Course duration: 2 weeks

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Course Content

Module I: Payroll Management

1. Payroll components and format

2. Payroll calendar design & communication

3. Tax on Salary Calculation

4. NSSF Calculation

5. OT Calculation

6. Payroll review techniques to be accurate

7. Contract Termination Calculations

    a. Unspecified Duration Contract (UDC)

    b. Fixed Duration Contract (FDC)

Module II: Common Best Practices in Staff Benefits and Trend

1. Common Best Practices in Staff Benefits – Survey Results

2. The 3 B’s: Business Need vs. Budget vs. Benefits

3. Staff Benefit Trend

Module III: Salary Scale Setup

1. Backbone of Salary Scale

   a. Setting job grade

   b. How to determine Min, Max & Median salary

2. Types of Salary Scale

   a. Single Step

   b. Double Step

c. Quadruple

3. Understand Market Salary Survey Data and its


4.Practical Salary Scale Setting for Own Organization

Module IV: Salary Increment

1. Performance Management Result and Force Ranking –

Budget Alignment

2. Salary Increase Techniques: Performance Adjustment vs.

Market Salary Adjustment

3. Annual Staff Salary Increase Format

Salary Increase Result Processing and Communication

Trainer Profile

  • Master Degree in Management
  • Bachelor Degree in English
  • Bachelor Degree in Management


Meng Chhorn is an HR Professional with 14 years of experience in HR Management, HR Consulting and professional training. Before managing the CENTER, Meng Chhorn was an HR Manager at ANZ Royal Bank. He used to work as a Compensation & Benefits Manager at Smart Axiata where he involved heavily with the HR leadership team during the merger transition between Hello Axiata and Smart Mobile. Also, Meng Chhorn used to work at HR Inc (Cambodia) Co., Ltd as an HR Consultant where he involved in compensation survey, job analysis, job description and internal work rule and regulation design, staff satisfaction survey, organization restructure and other HR related project works.

Course Registration

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