Public and customized training courses conducted at The CENTER includes: HR & Soft Skills; Cambodian Labor Law; Administration Management; Sales Management; Business Plan and Management; Entrepreneurship; Financial Management; and other customized courses based on companies' needs.  


Course Title Training DateTrainerCompanyFee
Strategic Compensation & Benefits Management (3 weeks, Every Saturday) 01/02/2020Yim Meng Chhorn The CENTER $290
Science of Pay 01/02/2020Yim Meng Chhorn The CENTER $120
Training Need Analysis 02/02/2020IM Phanna The CENTER $98
The HR Specialist, 8 weeks every Sunday 02/02/2020Highly Experienced Trainers The CENTER $450
HR Budget Planning and Monitoring 08/02/2020Yim Meng Chhorn The CENTER $150
Strategic HR Policy Design (1 day) 15/02/2020Yim Meng Chhorn The CENTER $150

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